Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Review!

We had an interesting weekend. Friday night my friend Angel had a "great" idea lol. She wanted to make shirts for the walk on Saturday. So we went to Walmart and got everything we thought we needed and headed back to my house. We started using some fabric spray paint that didn't seem to be working that great. So after making a mess on Anna's shirt I head back to walmart to get a fabric marker instead. I get back to discover that Anna had gotten all quiet on Angel and Chris and they discovered that she had given her baby open heart surgery and suctioned her nose. Funny thing is she didn't get it on the carpet or anything just the baby oh and her hands. We started working on the shirts again and didn't finish until around midnight. Anna and I headed to bed leaving poor Angel with it at 11 or so. Anna was in complete melt down mode but wouldn't lay down without me.

Saturday, we went to do the walk. We arrived late but we sure did look cool in our shirts. Mine is being washed but maybe I will share a pic later. We were going to do the Sidewalk Chalk Festival after the walk but Angel and Victoria decided not to go. Anna was so exhausted and about to meltdown again so we didn't go either. Of course, we came home and she slept in the car and then wouldn't go back to sleep ugh. I did get a nap though it was a great thing because I was melting down too lol.

Sunday was church of course and afterwards we went to lunch with our friend Denise. Oh but before I go on I came up with a great project for our Sunday School class. We are doing interviews with each child about their Mom or female guardian. We are going to show it (after being edited of course) during one of the services on Mother's Day. I can't wait to see how they turn out. I came up with the thought and I came up with the questions but Chris has done the interviews. That kinda makes me sad because it was my idea and I had it how I wanted it in my head lol. Oh well, I am sure he has done a great job. I had to stay in and referee the kids cause they were wild! Sunday night we went to a Korean Church Dedication. They use to share our facilities and were building there own. They finished a while ago and so they did the dedication and invited us. It lasted 2 hours and Anna was such a big girl sitting with me the whole time. She did play around a little with Kia in front of us but really she did great. After the service they fed us and let me just say I am soooo picky. I didn't eat a lot but Chris seemed to enjoy it. Anna not so much! It was nice though and they have a beautiful church. My favorite part was listening to their choir. I couldn't understand a word they said but I love the way they sound!


  1. Oh how fun! I love listening to foreign languages. It's a total mind warp for me since I'm not fluent in anything other than English.

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend. Interesting to go to the other church. I love the idea of interviewing the kids and playing it back. I be they will give really cute responses. you will have to tell us how that goes.


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