Monday, April 14, 2008

Memory Lane Monday!

Being chased by a bull!!! Have you ever experienced this? It is very exciting lol. I was very little when this happened. We were visiting my Grandmother! She lives beside the house that she grew up in. Her brother (who has since passed away) lived across the street and still worked the farm. He had both cows that he would umm send to be slaughtered, I think. And he also grew crops. We used to go roam around on the farm and look at the cows and probably harass the cows (although I have never been cow tippin). Our favorite thing to do was walk along the trails and look for arrowheads. My cousin that lived there used to find them ALL the time. I think my brother might have found one or two.

Anyway, I am getting distracted lol. This one particular day, I am guessing it was summer. The sun was shining bright and it was hot. It was me, my brother that was 3 years older than me and my cousin that is probably 3 years older than my brother (well maybe a little more, I don't really know lol). We were walking around in the pasture and we always knew not to mess with the bull cause he was MEAN! I don't know what we did to tick him off but boy something set him off. I was little like maybe 4 years old or something. I have super short legs and always have so imagine this big ole bull and lil ole me lol. My cousin had me by the hand and I swear she dragged me all the way to the gate where we had to climb under it to get away from the bull. I think I might have even pooped in my pants I was so scared. It was very traumatic!

There are so many memories that I have on that farm. Picking watermelons, riding on the tractor bed and hitting a bump and flying up in the air at least 5 feet and landing in the exact position I started in, swimming in the pond and getting nibbled on by fish, collecting eggs from under the chickens and all sorts of other stuff. When I was little I never thought these were spectacular. They were just a part of going to see Grandma, now if I could go back in time I think that I would go back to one of those visits and enjoy it a little bit more. Maybe take more time to get to know Grandma better and help her more. Maybe just pay more attention to the details going on around me. I need to go visit my Grandma soon. She isn't doing so great any more and it upsets me to visit because she isn't the same lady. I believe she turned 90 this year. You can believe that the next time I am there I will be paying more attention to the details!

Lets see next week what should I talk about? Dancing in the streets with my friends or swim parties or summer camp?


  1. I have a lot of memories from visiting my grandma's farm as well. I should record those soon.

  2. I have TAGGED you for the seven things meme. Drop by my blog for details! Can't wait to learn about you!


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