Friday, April 04, 2008

F~U~N Friday

Fun came in many different ways this week. It came when we were not trying, it came when we did try (just for a glimpse) and it came when we least expected it.
My hubby got in on the action without even knowing it. He came home from work one day and ended up under our coffee table. They were playing and having fun. They were going "Anybody in here" in these really funny voices.

When I attempted to inject some spontaneous fun into our day I didn't think it was going to work. It was a hot day and I thought we would have a little water fun. I got my water hose and splashed Anna and her slide so that she could slide down in the cool water. It hit her and she started crying *oops! She settled down though and started splashing in the water. So we quickly discovered she doesn't want to be splashed but to splash is ok lol.

The most fun we had though was playing in the dirt, oh I mean getting our garden ready. I thought this was work and would by no means be FUN! Anna had different thoughts about it though. This kid loves to get her hands dirty. She normally hates to be dirty but ever since I let her start helping me pull weeds she has discovered the joy of getting her hands dirty. Needless to say she was in heaven digging in the dirt. She gave me and my friend Angel "dirt baths" and did a "dirt dance". She laughed and played and thought that gardening was like the greatest thing EVER!
If you would like to see more fun ideas run over to Letters to my Daughters. If you want to add your ideas that would be great too!!!


  1. It's always interesting what we think will be fun and what actually is ... I know we are always a work in progress about that. Great week, it sounds like! Glad you had FUN.

  2. Dirt I'm just jealous that your fun was outdoors! Hopefully the death grip winter has on us will let go soon.
    Happy gardening!

  3. I can't believe it is actually hot enough there for you to need to do outdoor water play already! Brrr....


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