Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend Review

What a fabulous weekend. We had a nice night Friday night. We just hung out and didn't really do much. We made pizzas and played outside. Saturday, Chris had to go to work so Anna and I did a little house work and ran to the store. We were having company over Saturday night and we had to get ready. It was our new friends Angel, David and Trooper. They came over around 6ish and we had dinner. I had cooked some mashed potatoes and mixed up a yummy salad with homemade dressing and croutons and Chris grilled us some chicken. Angel God Bless her made REAL Banana pudding. You know the kind that is served hot. My Dad makes that kind although I haven't had it in forever and a day. Hers was yummy and Chris fell in love. He said they can come over whenever they would like as long as she brings that lol. We had so much fun they have a wii and they were kind enough to bring it over for us to play. Well, I should amend that statement, they brought it over for David and Chris to play! They had so much fun and it was very entertaining watching them. They stayed until almost 11 and Anna and Trooper were both still awake. Anna was exhausted by the time we crawled into bed. She was out almost instantly. Sunday was church and then I got my haircut. You can see my new do HERE. Anna went down for her nap late and ended up sleeping for 3 hours! I couldn't believe it ~ that NEVER happens. We missed church because of it and just kind of chilled out the rest of the night. Oh wait I take that back I chilled, Chris and Anna did a little yard work!

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  1. I love that wii game of guitar! That thing can be so fun!! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and had some quality time with new friends!

    Pass the banana pudding please!


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