Friday, April 25, 2008

The American Dream!

Some days I feel like I am living the All American Dream! Sure I spend a lot of my days doing laundry, dishes and cleaning but inbetween all of that it is full of moments of laughter and fun with my daughter and on a smaller scale because somebody has to bring home the bacon my hubby. I feel like a woman of days of old since I am doing so many things without equipment. You know hanging out laundry and dishes by hand etc. Oh and don't forget my vegetable garden outside. I feel like I have the life that I always wanted. To a lot of people this will sound stupid and well insane. Not only do I do tons of house work but I also have to give up a lot of extras in life. At first this was hard for me and even still today some days it is really hard but for the most part not so much. Sure I splurge every now and then like last week I had a pedicure with a friend. I was desperate you see. Sandal season is upon us and my feet were just shameful! Shameful I tell ya!

I would like to say thank you to all of those who help make this dream possible. My in-laws that are so good to us and so very helpful! My friends that help entertain me and Anna on days when I just need to get out and about. My hubby and Anna for making my life so rewarding and fun!

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  1. I know what you mean. I decided to stay home again a couple of years ago to hang out laundry and garden the old fashion way. There are days I miss my regular paycheck but I am so much happier and healthier doing what I love.
    Your daughter's photos sayes it all.
    Just keep up the good work.


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