Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wonderful Weekend!

We had a nice relaxing weekend. My sis in law came to see us this weekend to celebrate Chris's birthday. She brought a chocolate cake of some sort and it was so YUMMY! Thank you Aunt Cakey! Friday I spent the day with my friend Angel getting stuff for her sons 1 year old birthday. They have decided to throw a party early so his Daddy can participate. He is military and will be out of town for a while. Friday night we went shopping with Aunt Cakey and had yummy Mexican food! Saturday we went to River Street. Ate lunch at the best Greek Restaurant ever. I will say that I was disappointed in River Street. I haven't been there in forever and they have changed it so much. They took out the old oak trees and put in these new wimpy trees. It really ruined the whole look for me. Not to mention when Summer time really kicks in it will be hotter than blue blazes. Oh well, I really don't get down there often anyway. Sunday we did church and Aunt Cakey had to go home. Then after the night service our friends Angel and David came over. You see Saturday night they were nice enough to bring by some Banana Pudding for Chris for his birthday. They didn't stay long because we had company and it was a little late. David was oh so devistated that he didn't get any Banana Pudding so we invited them over for dinner and dessert. Let me just say that David can put away some food lol. But you know when you feed some one it makes you feel good when they eat your food. I believe at this point both the Banana Pudding and the Chocolate cake are gone lol. We might have a taste of Banana Pudding left but not much. It was a lot of fun.

It is nice surrounding yourself with friends and family. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Maybe Casey and Angel will be nice enough to share their recipes with us so you guys can taste a little piece of heaven!

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