Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Anna has turned into quiet the chatter box. She is also getting to be very stubborn and vocal about it lol.

While shopping with her Yia Yia:

Yia Yia: Anna do you like this dress?
Anna: (Looked at the dress and simply shook her head) I not gonna wear that!

If I wear something new or something that she really likes she says: Mommy turn around (spinning her finger in a circle.)

I wanna wear jeans. I wanna wear that dress. These are the things I hear in the mornings. She has gotten very paticular in what she wants to wear lol.

Let's go out in the yard to pull weeds. Has been her sentence of the day.

I was getting my hair colored yesterday and Anna was sitting in the chair watching.

Anna: Mommy your hair is getting BIG!
Mommy: it is?
Anna: Yes it is.

Anna: Oh Mommy your hair is so pretty! Let me see. (she said this last part as she is grabbing strands of it to inspect lol) I tell you she is either going to go into fashion design or a hair stylist.

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  1. "mommy turn around" totally melted me. :)

  2. Awwww....she is getting so big! These are so cute! I'd love a little one who wants to pull weeds ;)

    Happy TTT!


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