Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Major Break Through

Today has been a beautiful day!!! Anna had a major break through with her swimming lessons. As funny as it sounds because of that I felt for a moment like a wonderful mom lol. I mean obviously I am doing something right if she warmed up to it lol. Ugh I know I can't claim any part of her getting through this at least for a day but boy was it a wonderful morning. We got there early and we took her baby doll. She wanted to get in the water almost right away so I told her that she and the baby could swim on the steps. I sat right there prepared to get totally wet if I had too. She stayed on the steps. She only went off once and that was to grab the side wall. When the teacher got there I decided that I wasn't going to go on the stairs unless I had too because quite frankly it was hot up there lol. We started with it not going in the right direction so I told her that I was going to sit on the stairs she told me no. She got back in the water. She got out again when they wanted her to swim. I told her if she didn't get in and participate we weren't going to play on the playground. She got in the water faster than I have ever seen her. After that she did great. She even went off on her knee board a few times without Megan. I just can't even tell you all how proud I am of my baby girl!!! Hopefully tomorrow will be just as successful! Of course the weather man is calling for rain so the class might be rescheduled for Friday.


  1. Whoooo Hoooooo! So glad to see she's doing so well!

  2. Good for her! Go, little swimmer!


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