Saturday, July 26, 2008

Anna's Birthday Party

Her party is going to be next weekend and I have so much left to do. I haven't really done anything for it. I guess you could call me a slacker or procrastinator. Anyway, I am looking for inexpensive ideas. It is going to be a water party so I don't think I need to much in the way of entertainment besides the pools and sprinklers. I am trying to decide about goody bags though. I could just do a beach ball or bubbles tied to a balloon (we all know how they love balloons!) or small ice cream bowls with $1 coupon to a local ice cream parlor (covers the cost of a kids cone) wrapped in tulle with a spoon attached to the ribbon. A cute saying attached "I think it's 'cool' that you came to my party...have some ice cream on me!" Anyway, what are you thoughts? What kind of cool inexpensive things have you guys tried or thought about trying? Thanks for any help you can offer up. I really just can't believe Anna is going to be 3. I think I have just been putting it out of my mind lol.

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  1. My son's party is this Saturday also. I found some cheap things at Party City. I like the ice cream idea. Hope she has a wonderful party!


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