Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Works for me Wednesday

I had a hard time trying to decide what to do this week.

  1. How I marinade my meat before cooking.
  2. How I grilled my potatoes that were so yummy last night.
  3. How I got Anna to drink a LOT of water by using gum lol.

I decided instead I would tell you about how I manage to get to the pool without going nuts every morning. I keep our bag packed with the essentials. You know sunscreen, water wings, bug bite medicine and neosporine. I add every morning a juice, a pack of crackers (which I just ran out of so I will start putting a zip lock with crackers in it), a fruit roll up or two and towels. Now mind you the amount I pack will change depending on if we have friends coming. I always take extra if we have friends coming because you can't have one for Anna and not the others. I usually only take one towel. I am all about less laundry! Oh, I also take my phone and my camera in a zip lock (that way if water gets in the bag they won't get messed up).

When we get there we put our dry clothes across the back of the lounge chair. I put our towel on the little table they have there or either in the chair. I put some crackers in the towel and cover them up. I open Anna's juice and have it right there. She wants a snack almost as soon as she gets in the water. We spend the first 10 minutes or so practicing her swimming and then we put on her wings and swim all around. She gets out and gets her snack when she is ready and I don't have to get in and out. When we leave we take her top off and pull on her cover up and slip her bottoms off. She doesn't want to ride in the car wet! Me on the other hand I slip on a shirt and sit on the towel lol.

Totally off topic my daughter just saw a picture of me in my wedding dress and she said it was an angel! Awwwww!!!

Anyway, that is how I stay sane going to the pool almost every day. If you need more great ideas go to Rocks in my Dryer!


  1. Thanks for detailing your plan, that is really helpful and a testimony to how good planning really does make a difference!

  2. Hi Candace~
    Just wanted you to know I emailed you back with some ideas for your daughter's birthday party. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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