Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Review

We had a fun weekend. We headed up to the in-laws Thursday. Friday we went to the Silver Bluff High School football game. They were playing our old rivals Barnwell High. I was expecting this huge turn out with lots of activity. Music, cheers and all of that normal football stuff. What we found was a crowd that only half filled the stands. NO band on our side (apparently they were having a party that night) the cheerleaders barely cheered and the mascot wasn't even there. I was so disappointed in the changes. The only reason we stayed until the third quarter was almost over was because Anna LOVED it. She was so enthralled with the players and the people walking around. She was in awe of everything around her. She studied the plays like she wanted to learn exactly what to do if she were playing. She watched the people roaming around and even yelled Go Dogs all by herself and cheered throughout the whole game. We took her down to see the cheerleaders. She loved their outfits but they didn't do a cheer the whole time we were down there. I guess there was a lack of support because the team is already in the State Championships and this was the last game of the regular season but still it just seemed wrong!

Saturday and Sunday we just spent time with family messing around. Spending most of our time outside since the weather has finally decided to change into Fall! I love this weather!!! So this week is Halloween and Anna is going to be a ballerina! We will be going to a carnival at our church that should be lots of fun. I think some friends are going to go with us too so that should be fun. I will of course have pictures of that later. I wish I had pictures of the football game but like a nut I forgot the camera. I have a few on my phone but I have to figure out how to get them off lol. Well, I am going to enjoy the peace and quiet of nap time so I will talk to you all later!

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