Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Here is my little talker. Anna is 2 years old and chats from morning to night. A few of her conversations are as follows:

In the car I hear from the back seat.

Anna: Uh oh

Me: whats wrong baby?

Anna: Mommy, shoe.

Me: What about your shoe?

Anna: It's untied!

You could just hear the DUH behind it


Occasionally she will spout out a long monologue that is only partially intelligable. Then she closes with OK? bye bye


Word translation:

gug = hug

tension - attention


Oh and we can't forget her favorite phrase at the moment. "I DONE". She used it all weekend. When she was ready to leave the Disney on Ice show, when she was tired of having her picture taken or any other occassion that she had just had enough of at the time.


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  1. "I done" - cute! She is so sweet.

  2. My son used to always end pretend phone conversations with "OK, Bye!" I guess that's what we say on the phone a lot!


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