Thursday, October 18, 2007

All About ME!!!

Questions Provided By: Queen of Dirty Laundry

She was interviewed and I volunteered to let her interview me. Here are the questions she asked and my answers. If you want to volunteer to answer 5 little questions let me know by leaving a comment or send me an email. I would love to know more about all 3 of my readers lol!

1. You recently posted about visiting your Grandma. What's one of your favorite memories of visiting her as a child?

It is tough to pick out one memory because I really did spend a lot of time there as a child. Can I give you 2? The first one would have to be outside with my brother and cousins. We would play a game kind of like hide and seek but we would sing "Ain't no boogers (burglars) out tonight. Grandpa killed them all last night." I am sure there was more to the song but that is all I can remember. We played this a lot and my brother was the best hider he could scare the crap out of us younger kids and the older ones too. The other one would be playing in the bedroom with my cousins. We would tell scary stories about my great grandmothers house that was super old and falling down. My cousin told us that ghosts lived there now and if you listened and looked at midnight you could hear chains and see lights flashing on and off. I tried many times to stay up that late to see but I never made it.

2. It's obvious that Anna is the light of your life. Tell us something special about your pregnancy with her.

I had a difficult pregnancy so the delivery was the most special but we did have some great moments. Probably my favorite was when my hubby would read Dr. Seuss books to my belly and put me to sleep. I always told him that was his alone time with his daughter. I was sleeping so he had her all to himself.

3. Describe your dream house and where it would be located. Doesn't have to exist anywhere but your imagination.

My dream house would be on the beach with the mountains behind it. I want the best of both worlds. It would be spacious enough to have company and still have plenty of space for privacy. It would have bright colors and open spaces and HUGE windows. It would have soft and plush furniture and be comfortable for adults and kids alike. It would look like an older house but have all of the comforts of today. It would have a porch all the way around. Oh and don't forget the screen door that slaps shut everytime someone comes in or out. It would definitely have a dog door for Anna's dogs to run in and out.

4. You recently went to see Disney on Ice. Which Disney princess do you identify with most closely, and why?

Snow White lol! I am very gullible and would almost believe anything and I hate to hurt people's feelings. So I would have so believed that witch and eaten the apple! Thank goodness I have already met my Prince Charming so he could wake me up!

5. Based on her personality right now, what profession do you think Anna should go into as an adult?

Hmm, this is the hardest question! She has a great little personality and can be so many different things. However, based on today I could see her being a teacher or attorney moving up to judge lol. She is a little on the bossy side, argumentative and very clear on what she wants. She also likes to show you how she does things and helps other little ones (if they let her) figure things out. Or she could be a housekeeper cause she hates "mess" lol.

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  2. Great answers! Thanks for letting me interview you!


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