Monday, October 08, 2007

Our time in the country!

We had a great trip. We ended up leaving Wednesday instead of Thursday because the weather was going down hill. So we headed out at lunch time and Anna slept for a good portion of the trip. That was nice! When she did wake up she sat in the seat and played and chatted with me so we didn't even stop. It was a 3.5 hour trip!

We got there and she was all shy with Grandma but she was quickly won over when Grandma let her go in and out the screen door through the screen (it was already broken). She was playing with the puppies well sorta lol. She was a little scared of them. Her dog is huge and old and these little tiny pups were playful and energetic. She finally adjusted to them and didn't freak out unless they nipped at her or jumped on her. She loved having freedom to come in and out without assistance. I sat inside in the door and watched her playing. She was content to just roam around and discover the world that she was in. She figured out pretty quickly how to climb in and out of the rail at Grandma's ramp so she did that a lot. She played in the (play) car in the yard and ran around with the puppies. After she was growing tired of that we decided to broaden her world a little more and went for a walk to see the cows. She LOVED the cows. They would moo and she would squeal and cheer. No wonder the cows would run from us lol. Through the course of the rest of the week I did teach her to be quiet so that we could get closer. We also saw and climbed on the tractor and the hay bales. She had so much fun I guess some things are passed down in the genes.

Things she didn't like: the noise of the house when it was full to bursting. The crowd at the reunion we went to because she didn't know hardly anyone there. Not being able to stay outside ALL the time lol. That is all I can think of that she didn't enjoy.

I enjoyed reliving a part of my youth. Walking down by the pasture. Taking a ride through the pasture on the back of a truck. Granite it was at night and Anna was a little freaked at first but it was fun. Picking pecans from my Great Grandma's tree and eating them. Visiting with cousins and Aunts and Uncles. Mostly visiting with Grandma! Letting her get to know Anna and learning more about her past as well. It was a joy to be with her and I hope that we can do it again.

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