Monday, October 08, 2007

Great Grandma's House!

This is the site of what used to be my Great-Grandma's house. You can't really tell a lot by the pictures but it held many happy memories for my Grandma and my Dad too. It had 2 fireplaces and 3 porches. I don't know how many bedrooms but enough for them to live cozily with I think 5 children. Maybe 6 I am not sure. The front porch had one door that opened up onto it and the other room didn't have a door onto it. The side porch was used for the washing machine and later a bathroom was added to it taking up most of the porch. My Grandma and her family only lived there during the summer for most of her life and spent the rest of the year in town over the jail house because her Daddy was the Sherriff in town. During the summer though he worked the farm on many - many acres of land. My Grandma was actually born in the jail house. How funny is that. She said that she delivered quite a few of her children in the house that was her parents. She was telling me about the trees they had; pecan trees that are still there and producing. She said they also had 2 pomegranate trees and a pear tree. They are still there but they are dead. They had pigs and chickens and cows. My Grandma's chore was milking the cows (her and one of her siblings). Her Mom would always get the eggs from the chickens. My Grandma now lives across the street from her childhood home. She has been there since 1959 and loves being so close to where she grew up. She likes being able to look out and see the trees that can bring back her childhood memories. I wish the house were still standing. I walked through it when I was a child before it became totally unstable. I would give anything to walk through and take photos and be able to record the past on film. Instead I have to write this up so that next week when I have forgotten all of this it will be here. I will be able to look it up at any time and Anna will be able to visualize her long ago ancestors. Anna is named for her Great Grandma and she was named after her mother so there is a long line of family tied into Anna's life. If any of my family reads this and wants to add something leave me a comment and I will take care of it. I love journaling true history!

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