Friday, September 05, 2008

Today I am watching the wind blowing the trees. The butterflies fluttering around faster than usual. Wasps trying to find food and love bugs doing the tango. I am watching all of this while I sit here waiting for Anna to wake up from her nap. Tropical Storm Hanna is about 200 miles away from us at this point. She is creating a stir with all of the animals outside and the trees. She is creating an electrical charge in the air. You can feel it when you step outside.

When I was little one of my fondest memories is being outside helping my Dad rake. Well, he was raking and my brother and I were making a house out of the pine straw. We had several rooms created when the wind picked up. I am assuming now as an adult that a hurricane or tropical storm caused it. I spread my arms out wide and started spinning around in a circle just hoping that if I went fast enough the wind would pick me up. Of course I never got fast enough for that to happen but I loved dreaming about it.

When we have company at the house on weekends I go lay in the bed with Anna for nap time. To get her to go to sleep we lay down close to the window and watch the leaves "dancing" in the breeze. She loves the wind as much as me. She has always loved the wind in her face. I remember when she was still a baby we went to Jacksonville zoo. I will never forget how she tossed her head back and seemed to absorb every bit of that wind. I love sharing joy through the simple things with Anna.

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  1. Don't you just love the way the wind makes you feel!

    Hope you guys tough it throw the storm okay!


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