Monday, September 29, 2008

I survived!

We made it through our first little sleep over! Allie and Anna had a blast. They played outside for a while. Had a bath together, where more water found its way to the floor than down the drain. They played inside for a while and then watched a movie in the bed to start chilling out. They finally crashed at about 10:45. Around 4 am I woke up and felt like something was wrong so I got up and checked on the girls. Allie was laying on the very edge of the bed and would have fallen off if I had been just a few seconds later. I got her settled back in and crashed myself. I woke up again at 6:30 am to Anna saying "No, hang on, hang on". It was a late night and a early morning and I was utterly exhausted. Even though the girls went to bed earlier than I thought they would I didn't go to sleep for a while later because I worried about them lol. Anyway, we got up and watched a movie and played until we had to get ready for church. They looked so cute and I didn't even get a picture of them. I had the hardest time doing Allie's hair. Her hair is pretty much the complete opposite of Anna's.

We got to church and I had to jump right into teacher mode and start preparing to bake our cupcakes. They turned out great. I didn't get a picture of them either but here is what we did:

Cupcakes in an Ice Cream Cone

We mixed up the batter as directed on the box of cake mix.
Wrapped tin foil around the base of ice cream cones
Poured batter into the cones (the box said half and that is what we did but we should have done more like 3/4's they didn't rise high enough.)
Baked for roughly 30 minutes
I had major time restraints so I put them in the freezer to cool
After they were relatively cool I had the kids put icing on them

The icing was really another neat part.
I bought the vanilla icing at the store
I bought the cheap cool aid packets (the kind that doesn't have the sugar in it)
I used grape and orange (we are going to do this again for our fall carnival on Halloween!)
You mix them in a bowl and you have purple or orange icing or whatever color you decide to use. Red would be pretty neat for Christmas!
It did change the flavor of the icing and some of the kids liked one flavor more than the other but they all looked pretty cool!


  1. wow, do I feel pretty lame! I just used food coloring to color the frosting! Ha. Kool aid didn't occur to me. Does it change the flavor at all? That'd be pretty neat it if it...

  2. Glad you survived. I tend to worry when I have other children to look after too.

    The cupcakes sound like fun!


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