Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Anna is a real chatter box anymore. She wakes up talking and yes has even started talking in her sleep a little.

Her favorite questions: Why? and Where did that come from? She wants to know where everything she owns came from ranging from her clothes to her toys and anything else in the house.

Her favorite phrase: Let's not talk about that. LOL this one really cracks me up. We can talk about something for a few minutes and she will say "Lets not talk about that anymore!"

Last wednesday she was transfering from my car to Chris's. She got up in my front seat while Chris transfered the car seat. She pulled down the viser and said "I need to fix my hair." She opens the mirror and proceeds to "fluff her hair".

After one of her questioning sessions I asked her if she was going to be an attorney. She huffed and said "No I am gonna be a PRINCESS!"

Some of her statements in the early morning ~ I am assuming she is dreaming about these things.
  • She looked around her room and said "Mommy where is my Christmas tree?"
  • "I want to go get a biscuit."
  • "Oh Mama I want to go play!"

The other day we were shopping with Casey and Yia Yia. She was walking with Yia Yia in front of me and Casey. She looked around and said "Ya'll don't look at my butt!" Seriously where does this kid get this stuff lol.

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PS She just called Santa on the cell phone. She wanted to make sure he was coming lol. Apparently, she is going to be very excited about Christmas this year. I think me practicing Christmas music for church has confused her lol. Not to mention I did let her get some of her Christmas books out to read too. Hopefully she can hold onto her excitement until Dec.


  1. My little girl also wants to be a princess, or a ballerina, depends on the day.

  2. That's so cute! I love that "Lets not talk about that anymore!" That is so funny!

  3. "Let's not talk about that..." SO CUTE!

    Happy TTT! Blog looks great!


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