Saturday, September 20, 2008

Anna's Halloween Costume!

I went to the flea market a few weeks ago which is unusual for me. I don't typical go there but while I was there I discovered 2 things.
  1. They have some of the prettiest produce I have seen all summer!

  2. I found the perfect costume for Anna to wear for Halloween!

We went back today and Yia Yia bought it for Anna. Let me know what you think! Well, only if you like it that is lol. I am excited! Imagine powder on her face with a little eyeliner and her hair up with some chopsticks in it. It will be very cool I think!

She got tired of me taking pictures! *tee hee


  1. I think it will be awesome! I can't wait to see her all made up in it.

  2. Cheryl4:40 AM

    Absolutely adorable. I haven't figured out what Ben should be for Halloween yet. Maybe we'll just take him to the costume store and let him pick.


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