Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday - Kitchen

I am on a cleaning mission. Unfortunately, sometimes that means going back and redoing things that I had already done. This past weekend we were so busy our kitchen looked like it blew up. After my energizing walk and time at the playground Anna and I went to work. I still have a few "hot spots" to work on but overall it looks great. Anna was a good little helper. She loves to help rinse dishes and wipe the countertop off. Of course she also likes to climb on the counter top and lounge around in the floor lol. We also worked on another tackle at the same time. We have started working on our Christmas music for church and we were practicing that at the same time.
Picture dishes everywhere, the countertops littered with mail, items from a birthday party we attended and who knows what else. It was a serious tackle!

See my little helper!

Dinner in the crock pot and my phone on the stove.

Welcome to my world!

My little helper again.

See how clean my window is? That was one of my projects last week!


  1. Looks great! Must be nice to have a willing helper like that.


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