Saturday, September 27, 2008


Can you hear it? The sounds of little feet pitter pattering ALL around the house. The shrieks and giggles followed by full belly laughs. That is the sound of Anna's first sleep over. I never thought she would have a sleep over at 3 but Allie's Mommy and Daddy went out on a date. They were planning to get her around 10:30 or 11 and I thought that if I can manage to get her to sleep she may as well just stay here. We will see if that is a good idea in about an hour lol. Then of course there is the challenge of the morning. We have to go to church and I need to be there early for a cooking adventure with my Sunday school class. Boy, oh boy, what was I thinkin'?

As a side note: I commend all mother's with twins. It has been crazy here and I can't imagine it on a full-time bases. Both children are wonderful and I love them both dearly. They just feed off of each others energy lol.

Wish me luck!!! I am going back in there.

edited to add: They are all sleeping; Anna, Allie and Daddy. Why oh why aren't I? I am exhausted but everytime I lay down I hear noises thinking one of the girls is roaming the house lol. I think I will try again. Maybe I will be fast asleep in a matter of moments.

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  1. That must have been a lot of fun for Anna! Hope you made it okay.


Y'all come back now ya here!