Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

So today is my day. 34 years ago my Mother delivered me at 5 lbs and some odd oz. My Dad slept in the waiting room. My brother was home with my Grandmother, I think. It is hard for me to imagine that moment for my parents. I mean I know what it was like for us but it is different when you think about your parents in that moment. Did they feel the wonder and awe of this miracle bestowed on them? Did they wonder what I would grow up to be like? Who I looked like? Did they dream of a wonderful relationship with me?

Today is my birthday and my hubby is taking me to the beach! I am very excited and then my SIL is coming to town and she is taking us to dinner. I am excited to feel the love from those around me and know that they are glad I was born! So toast me at dinner tonight or have a yummy "dusurt" in my honor! Happy Birthday to ME!!!


  1. You are a wonderful person and we wish you the best birthday ever!! Have fun at the beach and dinner. Talk to ya later...Melissa...miles'mommy

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (late I know!) but years to come you won't remember LOL I guess now you will......! Your right though you can't imagine your parents feeling the same way at your own birth the way you do at your kids birth, interesting thought!


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