Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Works for me Wednesday

I had a lot of GREAT ideas before Anna was here. All about the RIGHT way to parent. The moment she came into this world most of those ideas went right out the window! The best parenting advice I can give anyone is: Go with the flow! Be willing to change your mind a dozen times if needed. I was determined not to co-sleep, not to nurse and the list goes on lol. We still part-time co-sleep and we stopped nursing just a few short months ago. Anna is almost 2 now. So go with the flow and don't beat yourself up when you change your mind.

Some people worry about spoiling their baby. They say you can't spoil them before 6 months. My question is though can you ever love your child to much? Sure you can neglect teaching them right and wrong and I guess that is a form of spoiling but please don't ever think "Oh I held my baby for 30 minutes this morning while he was napping so I can't hold him this afternoon." Babies need to be cuddled and loved A LOT!

Trust YOUR instincts not the doctor, not your mother - you are the only one that really knows your child. You will know what to do even if it terrifies you! And trust me tons of it terrifies you!

The last thing that I will say and tons of people say it but don't miss a second of it. This time in their lives is so fleeting and goes by so fast. The house can be cleaned in time and the laundry will eventually get done. But as they say those things want need therapy if I neglect them lol!!!

Go enjoy that baby or child!!!

For more great child raising ideas from real ladies in the trenches go to Rocks in my Dryer!!!

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