Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday

OK so this is a very embarrassing tackle but one that needed to be done! Our master bath collects EVERYTHING! No one really uses it but me and my hubby so it is one of the last things to be cleaned and obviously has been skipped totally for a while. So here are my before shots. Don't judge me I promise we aren't total slobs - just partial lol.

Here are our after shots. It is amazing the difference!

I still need to scrub the toilet more because I have that pesky ring and I need to scrub the shower more because we have the textured floor and it is a challenge for me to get it clean. Any tips to get rid of either of those would be much appreciated lol.

If you would like to see more tackles please go to 5mfm!


  1. Great Tackle!
    I have yet to decide what my tackle will be. We had a party this weekend and did some reorganize so there isn't alot that NEEDS to be done. Of course there is always more organizing to be done.

    Happy tackling!

  2. Anonymous11:43 AM

    to clean the toliet and the floor of your shower, just let Clorox sit on it for a while. It should make it easier to clean, but don't mix other chemicals with it!!!

  3. Can I just say AWESOME!!! My bathroom also collects EVERYTHING, from cloths to toys to well just everything - so I know how you feel! :)

  4. Goodness gracious, thank you for posting that picture of your bathroom counter! I swear, that is exactly what mine looks like!

    Now, if I can just get it looking like your after shot...


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