Monday, December 17, 2007

Tiny Talk Tuesday!

Let me start this weeks talk by saying Thank You Mary!!! I received my CD in the mail Monday and it was a great addition to my Christmas music collection. Anna and I plugged in the tree and turned on the CD. We sat under the tree and played ball through the first half. It was a great memory for this year.


This past week has been entertaining to say the least. Anna is in rare form. I thought I would have a few years before she got nuts around Christmas. Nope not so lucky lol. Really though she is a good girl. A few of the more entertaining quotes for the week are:

"Daddy do my shoes! Daddy do my shoes!"
Daddy tries to do them and he can't seem to get the right one on.
"Mommy do shoes Daddy!"

We have been potty trained for a while now with just a random accident here or there and occasionally at night. The other day she came to me and said "Poopy Mommy Poopy!" So I started trailing behind her to the bathroom because she still needs help getting on the potty. As I was walking behind her she grabs her butt and repeats "Wait, wait, wait, wait". It brings tears to my eyes lol she did such a good job talking herself through that!

We have been going to several holiday parties over the past few weeks and now she associates party - FUN! If you say party she gets excited and starts clapping YAY PARTY FUN!!!

Funny word of the week:
reindeer - daneer

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  1. Oooh. I'm glad she's starting to like parties. She's doing better than me on that point. I declined all the invitations we've received so far. My excuse is having an infant in the house. "Wait wait wait" is so precious. I can hardly wait for Ben to show signs of interest in the potty again.

  2. love how she says reindeer. so cute

  3. wait,wait,wait, funny!


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