Thursday, December 20, 2007

The joys of Christmas!

The joys are getting in the way of all the work I need to do lol. I have so much to do and I thought I would spread it out over the course of the week and here it is Thursday and I haven't hardly made a dent in the real work! I have however managed to bake cookies, go Christmas shopping and I have worked on my Christmas presents that I am making at home. So know I have all the yucky stuff and not so much fun stuff. What was I thinking?

The other day I had to go get Anna's baby from Santa because they were almost out of the particular doll she wants. I had very few options one being to go to Wal-mart after my hubby got home from work and shop with the other 10,000 people that have waited until the last minute. Or I could go with Anna and try to figure out a way to sneak it past her ha ha. She might be JUST 2 years old but she is one of the smartest 2 year old I have ever known :D So I went to the Christmas section and found a large gift bag figuring I could figure something out with that to hide it in. I wondered down to the toy section and saw an elf (a walmart worker) and begged, crawling on my knees (nah just kidding) asked very nicely if she would sneak to the back and get one of the dolls and put it in the bag. She smiled and looked over at Anna that was studying a stuffed kitty at the moment and said sure I will. So shew that part was easier than I thought it would be. Then we had the next obstacle of the check out. I found the nicest one that I could and waited in line for oh about 30 minutes and that is not an exaggeration. Then just as I am about to move up they send me to another line thankfully with no waiting. I kept Anna pushed back looking at the wonderful chocolate delights and asked the lady quietly if she would scan the objects in the gift bag where my daughter couldn't see them. She was very accommodating and did it with no other questions. So to my walmart elves and all the other retail elves that help Moms like me THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

So over the next 2 days here is what I need to accomplish. Hopefully it will go quickly and smoothly.

  1. laundry/pack
  2. clean out fridge
  3. clean fish tank
  4. take ornaments off tree and lights too if I can manage
  5. clean house
  6. finish up my gifts for all
  7. make ornaments out of applesauce and cinnamon (if I have time lol)
  8. wash the dog
  9. go to a party tonight

Boy that list looks fun huh. I am sure we will work our way through it. If only I had a housekeeper *sigh*!!!

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  1. That's really sweet of those walmart people. I did something similar with Ben at Target on Tuesday. Impulsively, I had picked up some cheap toys for Santa to give him, and I had them hidden in my mom's cart. When it came time to go through the checkout, I put them at the front and stacked lots of tall things behind them, asked the lady to put them in a separate bag (and tie it), and managed to distract Ben with getting his jacket and hat back on. Worked out pretty well. The checkout lady gave me a knowing grin. I bet she'd done stuff like that before.


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