Friday, December 14, 2007

Santa getting a bad "w"rap?

** Don't let your child read this!!!**

I have been so upset to discover that Santa is being banished from more and more homes! I don't get it, really I don't. I am a Christian, Southern Baptist to be exact and I know that Christmas is about the birth of Christ and that should be our main focus at this miraculous time of year. However, I don't see the harm in the magic of Santa. The wonder and amazement that he can bring to a child. I remember sneaking to the living room when I was little and trying to stay awake so I could see him come down the chimney. Or laying in bed with my brother and him (he already knew the truth) going oh do I hear a sleigh, did you hear that I bet it is Santa and so on and so on. Waking up at 4 in the morning feeling utter excitement cause I just knew that Santa had been to see us. I would have to wake up the adults before we could go in the living room so I would stand in the hall shouting at the top of my lungs. When I questioned my parents about the validity of Santa they told me as long as I believe he would come see me so to this day I still believe lol. Seriously though I still do believe in the spirit of Santa! I like to think that Santa represents the spirit of giving, the spirit of laughter and the spirit of joy. These are all qualities that God wants us to have and if we use Santa to help spread that what is the harm.

One argument I have heard is that you are lying to your child if you buy into the whole Santa theory. I have to say that I believe that is a bunch of whoey! If you pretend to eat something your child pretended to cook are you lying to your child? NO you are pretending, make believe whatever you want to call it. If you read a fairy tale to your child like Cinderella or watch a cartoon even do you sit there and tell them it is all made up and a bunch of lies. I hope not, imagination is already missing in a lot of children today because they watch tv or play games more than anything. I am afraid if we take away all make believe and pretend aspects out of life imagination is going to go out the door! I never felt like I was lied to or damaged in anyway because Santa came to see me. In fact I had 2 cousins that were told from the beginning that Santa wasn't real and I always felt bad for them. That they didn't have Santa come see them and that they missed out on all the magic and wonder. Not to mention they tried to spoil it for us a few times. Although, I never believed them.

I hope I didn't offend or upset anyone that is not doing Santa. That was not my intent I just really don't get it so I had to vent. Anna is already into the magic of Santa and it is exciting to see. I hate that anyone would have to miss out on that either child or the parent! Feel free to leave me comments going either way!


  1. I just wrote about the symbolism in Christmas yesterday. Santa actually has Christian symbolism attached to him. He is representative of the Saint Nicholas who used to through pouches of gold coins into the homes of needy families. There is no harm in Santa - I don't get it eitehr.

  2. We don't celebrate Santa or other magical beings in our house. I really can't tell you a specific reason why. The Kids get presents from Santa at the Grandparents house, they see Santa movies, and we have decor.
    Basically we just don't do Santa in our house. They know about St. Nick, they know about Jesus. Maybe we treat them like adults too much, in others opinions. Honestly spend a holiday season with them and tell me if you see the magic of the season missing from them. I sure don't. We took our 2, 4, and 5 year olds out shopping for our Angel Tree child, I have never seen them so excited. We decorate our tree, make cookies, cards, and celebrate all there is to this magical season without pushing the commercialism. I don't feel they are missing out on anything and I am confident that for our family this was the best choice...maybe in 20 years I will look at it differently.
    All that said I support others choices to "do" Santa and have talked to my kids about respecting their friends.
    woo-sorry for the book:)

  3. I was just talking to a friend of mine about how her eight year old just found out there is no Santa. Her daughter cried and wailed, and was only comforted when mom told her that now that she knows the secret, she can eat the cookies they will still leave out for Santa. :)

    The thing is, since I "didn't do" Santa when I was a little girl, I don't know how to start doing it for Ben and Anna. Don't really know how to start building up the fantasy when I was never taught it as a child. How sad. Maybe I could keep reading "Twas a Night Before Christmas" over and over again.

    The other problem is, we're not buying Ben more than a few matchbox cars for Christmas. He's getting one present from a cousin and one from Nana and Papa, but that's it. So which ones would come from Santa? Oh dear.

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  5. Candace,
    I agree with you! I grew up with Santa, and hopefully my son Ethan, not this year because he's still in the NICU :(, will grow up to love the magical wonder of Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. There is nothing wrong with not wanting your child to participate in magical things, but I say....they are only children once!


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