Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Memories 2007

This is Anna's third Christmas and probably the first that will leave a large impression on us both.

During her first Christmas, she was all of 5 months. My fondest memory from that year was watching "White Christmas" (my favorite Christmas movie) and singing the "Snow" song. I attempted to make the chugga-chugga train sound (didn't do it so great lol) and she thought it was hysterical and gave us her first big belly laugh. It was the sweetest Christmas moment ever!

I was as sick as a dog during her second Christmas. We were at our house and had a party Christmas Eve. Anna had her first kiss that year with her buddy Jeff Jeff! We had a good time and she enjoyed opening presents but she really didn't get it. Ya know? The best part of that Christmas was the Santa Cookie plate we made at a pottery place. It used her hand for Santa and her foot for a reindeer.

This Christmas has been full of wonder and joy! She is really starting to get Santa. She loved the lights and music of the season. Her favorite songs are "Jingle Bells" and "Frosty!" We baked cookies and pies. We laughed a lot and watched all of the Christmas specials that came out on tv. We played ball under the tree. Took a ton of pictures, since Anna wanted to "pose" with our Santa all the time. We made gifts for our family. We had several parties to attend; Anna thought that was big fun! Went to look at decorations at least 2 or 3 times a week. This was all leading up to the big day!

Christmas Eve ~ We had a family party and opened some of our gifts. Anna was thrilled to receive a baby, the Jungle Book Movie, a few books and I can't even remember what else. She loved it all and the adults enjoyed watching the movie with her, lol. We had heavy hors d'vours and played Christmas music. We even got to drink Snowman soup, aka, hot chocolate. We put reindeer food in the yard and forgot to leave Santa his cookies :O Thank goodness we have a few years to practice and get this together; maybe by next year we will get it straight, lol.

Christmas Day ~ Anna woke up and discovered Santa had in fact brought her the baby she had wanted for at least a month. She also got a tractor and a beautiful necklace with a cross on it. She had a stocking with "lip stick", a horse and some cars in it. After enjoying all of that for a while she got to open a few more presents including a rocking horse and (don't laugh) a Tonka dump truck. We headed over to my parents house for a few hours, after that, where she got to open more gifts including an Aqua doodle thingy and another doll with a car seat carrier. I know there were a few others but they aren't coming to me right now. We had some yummy spaghetti that Granddaddy made for us and we went to pet a horse that apparently lives across the street now. She loved visiting with the horse. She pet his nose and even tried to kiss him and didn't want to leave but he had (hmm how to say this delicately lol) passed gas, broke the cheese or whatever you want to call it. It smelled and we went on back, lol.

Since Christmas we have enjoyed family time! Going shopping, to the Edventure Museum and lots of playing. Today it is a rainy yucky day and although we need it I would much rather be out and about doing something. However, I do so enjoy a good bloggy day some times. I should be up and running again soon. Oh I saw an email from the people that do the month of blogging and they told me about the year of blogging. Hmmm, that sounds like a challenge but I think I might just sign up for it lol. It never hurts to try right!


  1. I'm glad that we both blog so we can remember these moments. I can't imagine having the time to write this stuff down in a journal.. you know... with an actual pen and piece of paper. Oh goodness. I smell a stinky. Gotta go!

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  3. Hi - I sent you an email today about stopping by your blog. Reading your post made me think about my little one. This is the first Christmas that she's started to "get it" too - and it was a lot of fun and exhausting at the same time. Maybe I need to start a Mommy Blog too. What do you think?

  4. Your daughter and grandchildren will be so glad one day that you document these times. What I remember most about my children when they were little was the wonder in their little faces as they came down the stairs to discover what Santa had brought. It is a time that will never leave you.


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