Thursday, December 27, 2007


I am sitting here waiting on my daughter to get back from who knows where and so I thought I would pop back into here. We went to a fun museum this morning and on the way home the hubby and I stopped to check on the dog and Anna came on to Yia Yia and Pops house. When we got over here they were gone and all the cars are here lol. I am hoping they are at the neighbors house visiting but who knows where they wondered off to. I tried calling cell phones but wouldn't you know they started ringing here in the house. So we are just waiting.

I didn't tell you guys but my slideshows were a hit. My mother in law started crying and I think so did my sis in law, but shhh don't tell that would hurt her image ;D My hubby wrote a beautiful letter to us all that was so touching I cried! I might post it but I am waiting on his approval. He said it was very emotional and private and he isn't sure he wants to share it with the world! I understand that so if he doesn't ok it you will just have to trust me that it was wonderfully touching! My sis in law gave us all a vacation for us to take in April over spring break. Can't wait for that to get here. We do have some logistics to work out like everyone getting the time off etc. Hopefully it will all come together!

I have found that I really like having a more personal Christmas. I wish of course that I could give the world to everyone but we can't. Even if I could I think the heartfelt personal gifts are so much better. I hope the others will agree. Don't get me wrong I loved getting that little getaway for April but that isn't what is important. What is important is our time together, our love for each other and the memories that we are creating for ourselves and Anna!

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