Thursday, December 06, 2007


What a busy busy day I have had so far.

  1. I have done a small mountain of laundry. (with still more to go :()
  2. I have cleaned my bedroom which was quite an undertaking!
  3. I have cleaned the kitchen (I still need to sweep and mop)
  4. I have played with Anna and even managed to feed her lunch lol.

OK so why is it when you list it out it looks like nothing? I guess I could list each individual thing I did in my bedroom or just how big the mountain was or even how many dirty dishes one small family can create. Oh well at least I know I have accomplished a lot. I think this afternoon we will have another photoshoot so that I can relax a little. Of course that means I need to put away all the toys and straighten the living room a little more. Ugh why is housework never ending? I feel like that is all I do some days and you can't even tell it.

My inlaws are coming to town tomorrow. We are going to have a crazy busy weekend. Saturday at 1 my hubby graduates with his Masters Degree! I am so proud of you baby! I knew you could and would do it. We now who will be helping Anna with her homework in a few years lol. Anywho, after that we have my Christmas program with the church. We have to be there at about 6:15 so we will have a little down time (I hope) in between the two events. I don't have a clue when Anna is going to nap or how all of this is going to work out with her because being still is not something she is really good at. The church will be fine cause we have nursery but she is supposed to be on stage for about 5 minutes and if she is crabby, well then, that is not going to happen. We will have the best day that we can and if she can't go on with me thats ok. It will be a full day and I don't want to torture her or myself lol.

Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed after nap. No not me! Anna did but she is better now that she has had time to wake up. There has been about a 3 hour delay in this post because of it lol. Now I must run and keep up with the hurricane we like to call Anna! She is eating a candy cane and I don't want red all over my house! Have a great afternoon!!!

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  1. I feel you on the housework girl, it never ends!!! Congrats to your hubby!! :)


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