Monday, May 07, 2007

We are up and running again!!!

Hopefully we can stay up and running lol. I feel like I have been away for a lifetime. So I will tell you what we are up too. Anna is 21 months old now and is growing up so very much. We have started weaning. As of today we are down to one nursing session a day. First thing in the morning & we may go ahead and cut it out tomorrow. Depending on a few things. It is very difficult for me to do this because I feel like I have lost my baby and I don't know if I will have anymore. Oh well, I will suck it up and face the facts that my baby is a little girl now. Last night in fact she realized there was no milk and she laid down in her little soft chair and fell asleep. Nap time has become an easy process we eat lunch and then rock until she falls asleep and then I put her in my bed. She is such a big girl :( In so many ways I miss the itty bitty baby but then I think about the perks of this new big girl. She sleeps so much better, she is very entertaining, she listens (most of the time), she can do tons of new stuff almost daily and the best thing is she is loving and happy and fully of energy. We played with potty training but decided to wean and then tackle that. I will probably start working on that again towards the end of the month. It will be easier to monitor her liquid intake when she is no longer nursing at all and we can then focus our whole day on going pee pee on the potty woo hoo. I hope it isn't to difficult. If you have any words of wisdom please feel free to share!

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