Thursday, May 17, 2007

To Do List:

1) Laundry
2) Clean house
3) Cook Dinner
4) Pack clothes
5) Watch Grey's Anatomy
6) Play with Anna
7) Take more pics
8) Find keys
9) Paint Anna's Toes-Done
10) redo my nails

Sounds exciting right!!! & now you are wondering why I am blogging instead of working, right? Well the truth is that Anna is napping and this is my break time. We will work on the other stuff later. We have today and some of tomorrow. Well not much of tomorrow because tomorrow is the last day that Anna will be with Hunter, Jeff and Lisa. I get so sad thinking about it. This will be her first broken heart. We are going to do video chats with them but that won't be the same. Honestly, Lisa & I have just really bonded. Before when she was keeping Anna I loved her for being so good to my daughter. Now after spending so much time with her I regret not making the time to spend with her before. Our schedules were just so crazy with kids and stuff we couldn't work it out and now I think I missed out on a great friendship. Well, not really missed out cause I really hope that we can continue our friendship (I have lots of cyber friendships). If you have anyone out there that you are trying to be friends with but can't find the time - make the time. We have so little of it and everything changes so fast just go for it!!!

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