Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

OK so this is embarrassing to put on here but I know that you guys will understand :) Anna's room has been collecting things since she has been born (almost 2 years ago) and well it wasn't on the top of my priority list but now she is sleeping in there pretty much all night and will soon have her big girl bed set up so I have to clean it up and get it ready! We started on it yesterday and got a little headway with it but we have lots more to do today! Here are the befores and the little that we got done yesterday. Come back later for the grand finale!

Ugh I have tons of work to do so I will see you all later. Wish me luck lol!

Anna loves her clean room I can't keep her out of it! I have tons of stuff to take off to our children's consignment shop now woo hoo! I am excited all we have to do is get Daddy to set up her big girl bed. Her crib turns into a full size bed so that should be easy enough and our window seat will have to come out because we want the bed against the wall. We will probably move it to the living room and get baskets for it to keep toys or books or something in it. Yay I am glad I am done now I am going to see what everyone else is up to today!!! If you want to see what everyone else is up to go here!


  1. You can do this! What a beautiful room you will be working in!

    I just posted photos from the closet that I nearly died in yesterday---cleaning it out after two years of living like a pack-rat!!!!

    Can't wait to see the grand finale.

    This Tuesday Challenge is so motivating!


  2. Wow! That is quite a lot of work to do -- but you can do it! It looks great so far!!! :)

  3. Wow--what a great room!! Great choice for a tackle.

  4. Cute little girl and great tackle. It's so easy for rooms to collect unwanted stuff. We will be tackling the crib to toddler bed soon. So bittersweet.

  5. What a great result:)
    BTW I love the shade of blue on her wall. I might steal that idea for one of my rooms.

  6. It is actually a very soft lavender. Like the purple you would see in a soft rainbow! It is very pretty and very soothing. I have always felt at peace in that room. Well since we painted it that way anyway lol. Thanks for all the comments keep them up in makes me feel motivated to do more!!!

  7. Oh my...WoW! What an amazing transformation! No wonder she wants to stay in there all the time now...I sure would! It's beautiful!


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