Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

To all the Mothers out there know that you are special. For those that have loved and lost or never were able to fullfill those needs of motherhood - you are most special. Mother's Day is a difficult day for most people lol. For one reason or another it can be a painful day. For me before Anna it was a reminder that I wasn't a Mommy when I so desperately wanted to be to top it off I don't get along so great with my Mother. So Mother's Day hasn't been my favorite holiday. Know I have Anna and it is a great way to make special family time together. We are off to the beach for the day on Saturday with our friends. I am looking forward to a great day spent with my family and my friends. I hope all of you Mothers and soon to be Mothers will have a wonderful relaxing weekend!!! For all of you Mothers that lost your children or Mothers that don't yet have your children I hope that you can have a weekend that is not so painful. May God BLESS us ALL!!!

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