Sunday, May 20, 2007

Party Like its 1999

or like Kevin & Natalie's wedding!!!

We went to a reception for Chris's best friend. They got Mauied in Hawaii last week. They came back and had a reception and boy was it exciting. There was a little electric slide and cha cha sliding going on and not to mention the dancing on the tables and jumping around. Good times I tell ya!!! I have pictures - woo hoo. and drum roll please a couple of very short videos woo hoo!!!

Kevin - I hope you are feeling ok today because I am thinkin you are feeling pretty rough!!! But you had a GREAT time and that is what counts.

Natalie - You looked beautiful! and the reception was Fabulous - Thank you for inviting us!!!

Sorry for the conditions of the videos. It was dark in there and I wasn't using my camera. But they are funny so check them out!!!

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