Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Works for me Wednesday

Here is something that I just recently discovered. Tubby time can be hard on all of our backs bending over the tub. And equally hard on our knees kneeling there for extended amounts of time. My MIL would always get my exercise ball and sits on it in the bathroom to do her makeup and she left it in there one day. So I thought hmmm maybe I could sit on this to bathe Anna. Let me tell you it is great. It puts you at just the right heigth. You do have to bend over a little but if you do it right you can even make it like a stretch lol. It is great and most definitely works for me!!!

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  1. That's a great tip. Although my children are grown, I could use this tip for washing my dog!

    Thanks for visiting me, it's always nice to meet new friends.

  2. That is a great tip. Too bad I am the biggest klutz in the world. I would probably topple over in the tub and knock over the toddler :)

  3. What a great tip. Don't think my bathroom's actually big enough for an exercise ball, but I love the idea! Especially now, as bathing my toddler while I am pregnant is SO much harder.

  4. Great idea! I knew that thing would come in handy...besides just, you know, exercise. ("Gremlin, wanna help mommy dust off the exercise ball?")


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