Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Grandma: Annie

So we went to see my Grandma this weekend. It is so very hard seeing someone that use to be so young and vital get so old and run down. She is almost 90 years old and I guess if you take that into consideration she is doing GREAT!!! She is getting pretty forgetful and she doesn't really have the use of her legs anymore. She can get around if she has something to hold onto for support but that will exhaust her. She has a very bad heart going about 5 ft in her wheel chair being propelled by her arms and feet will be about all she can do anymore. This is the lady that planted a vegetable garden every year and was always on the go - always into something. Word is I get my nosiness from her although I don't think we are nosey at all we are just curious. (Curiosity killed the cat - but satisfaction brought it back)

She is Anna's name sake. Annie - she has had a long full - sometimes trying, sometimes fun and sometimes normal life. She got pregnant out of wedlock back in the day that that was unheard of - she was given the song and dance of I am going to war and may never come home. Her parents sent her away to have the baby and give it up for adoption. Back then they made you take care of the baby I think she said for about 3 months. After taking care of her little girl she realized that giving her up for adoption was not an option! So she called her Aunt and Uncle and got permission to come live with them. She snuck out of the home during the night and got on a train to go home. I would think that took a lot of courage!!! She later met a man literally twice her age - she was 25 and he 50 got married and had 5 more children (unless I forgot someone) She had a few miscarriages in there too. She was pregnant for a very LONG time. Her husband (my Grandfather) passed away when my Dad was 13 so she had all these children to take care of ALL by herself. Now my Dad was next to last so most of them were old enough to help out but still... So she started getting her kids to call her Ms. Annie when they would go to local dances because well what man would want to talk to her if she had all these kids running up to her saying Mommy Mommy lol. She got married again but he turned out to be an alcoholic if I remember correctly. (I hope that is right because I don't really remember him well). She divorced him (again - I think lol).

I would go stay with her for 2 weeks out of the summer. She lives in the country and we would work in her garden, read books and take walks in her brothers pasture. We would go swimming in the pond and fishing. I didn't really appreciate when I was growing up what a courages and amazing woman she is - she is after all just my Grandma. I have since growing up discovered what an example to me she can be if I just open my eyes. I happen to live in the town that she was sent to to give up her baby. She came to visit and we searched all over the place until we found the home; it is no longer a home for pregnant girls it is now a nursing home. Only 1 of the original buildings is still standing but we went and looked around. I could actually feel the peace that came over her while we were there. I think she was able to put that whole experience in the past and have some closure. I love my Grandma!!! I didn't realize before but a lot of the things I enjoy in life were nurtured when visiting her! I will just conclude this by saying if you still have a grandparent out there go spend some time with them. Find out what life was like for them when they were growing up. Older people have so much to give and so few to give it too.


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    What a WONDERFUL write up for your Grandma. She sounds like quite a colorful woman. My paternal gma was similar to yours. She passed away 6 years ago. However, my maternal gma is still kickin' in CA. Time for a phone call...

    BTW...comment page won't let me leave a comment except for anonymously. - Girl Gone Wild

  2. What a lovely tribute to your grandma! Sounds like she lived quite the life.


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