Thursday, February 15, 2007

I have been trying to write something for the past 30 minutes and nothing seems to be working for me today. I don't know what my problem is today. I can't seem to stay focused on anything at all. I have a thought sweep into my head and then it flies right out before I can hold onto it. So I will just ramble and see where it leads me.

Anna has been such a delight lately. She can be the sweetest kid on the planet. She loves to hug and kiss although she has been withholding her kisses lately for some reason. I think she likes it when I try to steal them from her. She is growing up all to fast. It seems like just yesterday when we discovered we were pregnant!!! Now she is this independent little being with a mind of her own. She is talking up a storm if she wants you to do something with her she will grab your finger and say "get up" and then drag you where she wants you. We have this glass owl on our storm door. It is one of those magnetic things that you stick on either side of the door and it stays up because of the magnets. Well Anna LOVES this owl. She likes to reverently touch the owl and kiss the owl. So the other day she takes me to the door and points up. I have decided that I know she can talk so I should encourage her.

Me: what do you want?
Anna: She pointed again
Me: if you want to see the owl just tell me and I will lift you up
Anna: she pointed again (mind you I was not being a meany I knew she could say owl!!!)
Me: well I am going to check on dinner when you can say owl I will pick you up
Me: I came back and said are you ready to see the owl
Anna: she pointed again
Me: well I am going to fold some clothes
I took about 5 steps and she started chasing me going "owl - owl - owl" so I run over to her scoop her up offering tons of praise and we go see the owl for a long while!!!

So that is where my rambling lead me lol. Not exciting but a cute story to add to Anna's book!!! I have started copying all of my posts that pertain to Anna and also all the posts from Anna's blog. I am taking these posts and adding them to a notebook divided by months and making a journal for her. It is turning out really cute. I figure I should do something since I haven't done a baby book! Bad Mommy!!!

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