Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Pregnancy with Anna

I have been reading about others having a hard time with pregnancies and getting pregnant etc. and thought I would share my story! It may be long (that is fair warning ;))

So my hubby and I tried to get pregnant for just over a year. We were preparing to go in for the dreaded tests but before we did my doctor recommended doing the ovulation tests for a few months to make sure I was ovulating. Well it turns out we were ovulating but not when it typically happens so the second month of doing that we were pregnant! I will never forget the day I took the test. It was in the morning before work and I didn't tell hubby I was taking it but the positive sign came up pretty quickly. I was in shock (if you have ever tried to get pregnant for a long time and finally get the positive you know what I am talking about.) I walk out of the bathroom in a daze and tell hubby "umm, I think I need to call the doctor." He is like whats wrong are you ok. I said "yes, I umm just got a positive on a pregnancy test." Well hubby went into shock too. He had told me not to tell him until I was sure and not until a Friday afternoon lol. Well, can you tell I didn't think about all that. So I called the doctor from work and they said come on in and we can check everything out for you. So I went in they did the blood test and I was definitely pregnant! She wanted me to go in for an early u/s to see how far along I was and to make sure everything was ok (due to some spotting). She didn't have an u/s machine so she scheduled me to go to the hospital to have it done. I go in and they won't let hubby go back with me and in fact said they wouldn't do one unless there was a problem. So I tell her about the spotting and she grudgingly does the u/s. She said oh well this shows you as having just a sac so you are having a miscarriage. I was devistated - we called the doctor and she said to come back in and we could do another blood test to see if my hormone levels were going up or down. Well, they were going up but there were a few things that freaked me out in that office so we decided to switch doctors. The new doctor did an u/s and we saw and heard the heartbeat I was in tears!!! The sound of your babies heartbeat is a precious thing. Something that you will never ever forget. So at this point everything is progressing great. I had naseau and food aversions. Smells bothered me so bad and I was in tears every other hour! but you know that is fairly typical lol. I got to feel her move for the first time around 18 weeks. I had a Snicker's ice cream bar and she just started rocking and rolling in there. Another one of those moments you never forget! So, we go in for our u/s at 20 weeks to check out the baby and see if its a boy or girl. She is measuring everything and making sure the anatomy is all right. Well, the little stinker wouldn't spread her legs for us. And she was measuring smaller than she should. So we schedule another u/s for 24 weeks. We go back in and she is still measuring small although she was perfect in every other way. They were a little concerned but not overly. They scheduled another u/s for 26 weeks. After that u/s they determined that I had IUGR. (Inter Uterin Growth Restriction) So here we go off to see the specialist. We had to see them 2 times a week every week! We had a few scares - I had to be put in the hospital twice because Anna was not reactive. The first time I can't remember how far along exactly I was but it was somewhere around 30 weeks. They told me I would have to stay in the hospital until she was born. I was so upset. They ended up seeing enough of an improvement in her after me getting a few bags of IV that they let me go home. (So stay HYDRATED) Anyway, I had to go back to the hospital at 34 weeks they decided to go ahead and deliver her. We called our parents to come for the big event. They did an AMNIO to see if her lungs were ready. There are 2 parts to an AMNIO - one tells you immediately if the lungs are mature and the other takes longer but it is a better reading. So the first one said she wasn't ready - the c-section was cancelled and everything looked good with an u/s so I was released. (Her lungs were ready according to the second part) I had a scheduled c-section at 36.5 weeks and she was only 4 lbs and 5 oz. She was so itty bitty but so absolutely perfect!!! We were sure she would have to go to the NICU but thankfully she didn't. She got all cleaned up and I finally got to my room and they brought her to me. You don't know the feeling of awe until you hold this little being that came from the love you have with your hubby!

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