Saturday, June 30, 2007

What a Night!!!

Yes it was our Anniversary but no we did not spend our anniversary having "fun". Let me just tell you all about it. I prepared a lovely dinner for my family since it was our anniversary. I cooked some cubed steak and gravy, rice, green beans and a big ole salad with delicious fresh stuff from the market. My Sister-in-law is in town so she and Anna made some wonderful chocolate & peanut butter brownies for dessert sounds like heaven right!?! Well as we are sitting down enjoying this yummy dinner our power starts flickering in part of the house. YIKES is all we can think. As most of you know I am not working right now and things are super tight! Electrical problems is the last thing we need. Not to mention it was like 100 degrees yesterday and part of our electricity that was out was our A/C!!! So I call the power company praying that it is their problem and not ours. So we go through the automatic thing where you put in your number and chose a number that best describes your problem. Thank God flickering lights and partial outage was one of the choices. About an hour or more later we see a electrical co. truck drive by and my hubby takes Anna to see what is going on. Since it was cooler at this point outside than it was inside! They sit out there and watch the guy and I am preparing for the yard sale that would be taking Saturday (this morning). The guy comes to talk to us to tell us what the problem was and that it would be a few hours before it was all fixed. So great we get to sweat to death in our house for a few hours but hey we could deal with that it was about 7 when he told us this. Anna is usually going to sleep at 8:30 but it was so freakin hot she wouldn't let me hold her to rock her to sleep. Around 9:15 I pushed the issue and she settled down and went to sleep so I put her in her bed. Around 9:30 the service guys finally show up fix the problem. Anna wakes up around 10 I am assuming that she was roasting in her room because when the guys got here to work they cut all power to our house so we had NO fans at all! It was terrible!!! My sis in law and I take Anna to the neighbors because we are watching her dog and she had A/C longer than we did so it was a smidge cooler over there. We hang out and watch the guys work (the pole is right in front of her study). We are still sweating to death!!! I go out to see the guys and he said oh ma'am we will be a while. I asked him to expand on a while. and his reply was he would be done before the night was over. Great - fan-freakin-tastick we get to roast through most of the night. So sis in law and I decide to ride around for a while because the car has A/C. Something not many of you know is that Anna gets scared riding in the car at night! So our 20 minute ride in the car cooled us off but Anna sat in the back going scared Mommy patting her chest over and over. We came home and went to bed because well it was pitch black and we had no other choice at this point. Anna slept in the bed with us all night and I tell you a few times I woke up and I wondered why the bed just didn't naturally combust. Around 6am the power company called to see if our power was up and running. I shut all the windows and cranked up the A/C!!! Of course, then I had to start setting up for the yard sale. I refuse to sweat anymore today!!! Tomorrow I may try to talk my hubby into going to the beach! If he isn't interested I think Anna & I will head out there Monday. Mommy needs some fun in the sun and the ocean!

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