Sunday, June 24, 2007

real or make believe?

So I have not been keeping you all in the loop. My neighbors house is like a real live soap opera. Would you like to hear about it. Yes well of course you do because we all love a real soap story. So sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy the craziness of another persons life.
Neighbor - Christine
Neighbors boyfriend - father of her child - Kramer
Son - 8 months old - George
One day I get a phone call from my neighbor and we are chatting just usual stuff about the babies etc. She said you want to come over and I said sure I have to tell you about what happened with my Mother and she said ok and I need to tell you what happened with Kramer. So I went over later and she said well Kramer and I had another fight (this is a common theme in their relationship). He left (on a Sunday at roughly 8pm) and said he wasn't coming back and I told him just to stay away for a week. She tried to call him on Monday and he wouldn't take her calls. She checked there joint account and he had taken out almost $500.00. She goes into instant panic mode. She spent the better part of Monday and Tuesday buying things like diapers, wipes, food and anything she needed for George on Kramer's credit card. By Wednesday she had tried to contact him several times and she still hadn't heard from him. She decided that she would go back home to New York even though she didn't have a good place to go. She started packing up and called to tell Kramer and ordered things she would need for George there. By Friday she is a basket case and distraught that the man she loves would just cut her and their son totally out of his life that easily. She decides Saturday that she isn't going back to NY she will find a place here. It will be less expensive and she doesn't think it is fair to take George that far away from Kramer. So Sunday (Father's Day) she spends the day trying to figure things out. Then at 8pm guess who comes walking in the door. You got it Kramer. He thought that since she told him to stay out for a week he would do exactly that. He wasn't checking the messages on his cellphone and if he heard her voice on his work phone he deleted it. He had no idea of the drama that he had caused! She was livid to say the least. Since then they have agreed maybe they need to live seperately and she is going to move into a house that she found to rent. He will either remain beside me or sale or rent the house out. Who knows.
I am just glad that I don't have that kind of drama in my house. I am so glad that I have a husband that is in it to stay. We have our issues - trust me we have our issues - but we work through them and try to make our relationship stronger for them. We have a lot of time invested in each other though and I think that is part of the difference. We are coming up on our 11th Anniversary. It is this Friday so drink a toast to us!!! Before we were married we dated for about 6 years so we have been together for about half our lives WOW!!! Maybe tomorrow I will give you my take on marriage and the good and bad of it. There is definitely more good though or we wouldn't have been in it for so long!

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