Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

I am truly blessed in the Dad department. Not only do I have a wonderful Dad (that I don't get to see nearly enough) but I also have a wonderful Daddy-in-law! Both are wonderful men in there own way.
My Daddy when I was growing up was wonderful. He was that silent strength you know what I am talking about. He was always there but usually not overly verbal in his support. Some of my best memories growing up are of my Dad. One of the funniest (not to him) was when we were on our way to Daytona Beach for vacation. It was me, my brother, my parents and my aunt and uncle. We stopped at a burger place I think it was called "What a Burger" or something like that. So we place our order and my brother carries all the bags to the table and proceeds to go through them looking for his order. My Dad in his starved and sleep deprived state thought he was going to eat them all or something lol. So he grabbed the empty bag and whacked my brother on the head! The look on my brothers face was pretty priceless. I can still see it even though it has been YEARS - DECADES even!!! There is the ton of memories of playing in the pool in our backyard or camping. Another good one is when I scared at least 10 years off of my Daddy's life when he gave me my first driving lesson! He wanted me to drive a stick shift so he started teaching me in our OLD beatle bug. You know the ones before they became popular again. Well, I was doing pretty good. Instead of doing that jerky start I squealed the tires. Woo Hoo!!! So we get close to the end of our road and he says turn here on the dirt road. So ummm me in my literal brain said ok and took the turn going at least 35 MPH (after all he didn't tell me to slow down). It freaked me out because as soon as I realized what I did I knew it was wrong and I didn't know how to gear down or how to fix it! So the genius that I was closed my eyes and took the hands off the wheel! My Dad with his silent strength didn't panic he grabbed the wheel and did whatever it took to keep us from going through the house on the corner of that dirt road. If I really think about it that is how I always saw my Dad. The one that I could close my eyes and let go with and know that he would be there! So Happy Father's Day Daddy!!! I am sorry that I don't get to see you much and mostly I am sorry that you don't get to see Anna enough!

My Father-in-law is an incredible man too. I obviously haven't know him as long but our relationship is just as good. He is the guy that was the football star in high school, can still dance like the prom king (I don't know if he was one or not). I love to watch him and my mother-in-law dance. They can shag like nobody else I know. Big Daddy is a lot of fun to be around but if you ever need someone on your side he is the go to guy. He has gotten me out of my share of jams! I would have to say my best memories with Big Daddy are of him and Anna. After we had Anna he has become a different man. He is silly, outrageous and well honestly hysterical!!! There is nothing funnier than watching such a big rough and tumble looking guy play dolls, color or whatever Anna decides he needs to do. She can tell him to sit and he will do it but for some reason it only works for Anna lol. He was the first one to keep Anna at night. He did this for me to go to a Kenny Rogers concert with Casey and Lynn. (this is before she was totally weaned.) He said it was going great until she got tired but he just couldn't do anything with her then. So he held her until she cried herself to sleep. We got home and all the lights were on in the house and we walked through to the back room where Anna was sleeping and he was sitting on the edge of the bed watching her sleep because he didn't want her to fall out of the bed. Any man that is that wonderful with my daughter is, well, wonderful!!! I knew he was before Anna but he shows me now every time he is with Anna. Even when he is nervous that her bite is to big or she is running to fast . That is how he shows that he loves her to pieces and can't bare to live without her!

Thank you both for being such great Dad's!!!

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