Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Anniversary - Hubby!

11 years with me and not to many complaints you deserve a medal!!! I don't have one to give you so I will just sing your praises to the blogosphere instead.

You have been so good to me through thick and thin. You have suffered through chicken so dry you need a whole glass of water to swallow one bite. Thankfully I can cook better now I just need to expand my menus lol. You suffered through numerous years of me yammering at you about wanting a baby. You suffered through many years of me not taking your advice and always regretting it. You have suffered through my terribly difficult pregnancy and draining first few months of doing nothing but nursing and sleeping.

You have been patient through it all and I greatly appreciate everything. You have been my rock, my love, my lover and best of all my best friend! So thank you for being everything to me for the past and continuing to be everything to me through the future. Our future is unknown at this point. We don't know where we will be in a year or what we will be doing but knowing you will be with me makes it all ok. Where ever we end up will be ok with me! I love you very much!

Yours Truely,

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