Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bringing home a baby changes EVERYTHING!!!

Almost 2 years ago we had the joy of bringing home Anna. This of course is after almost a week in the hospital! Anna was so small she couldn't come home right away. She wasn't in the NICU she just didn't pass her carseat challenge. Little did I know then how much such a tiny baby would change my life!
She has brought so much joy, laughter, frustration, craziness and most of all love! She is the center of my universe in so many ways. She lights up my heart whenever I hear her call my name or she gives me a kiss or hug without me even requesting. She laughs a lot and when she laughs you can't help but laugh with her. She is such a wonderful blessing to me and my hubby. I can't remember what life was like pre-Anna. I am sure it had its good points too but honestly I don't remember. She is the reason I breathe throughout the day. She is the reason I am happy to get out of bed every morning. She is the reason I know exactly what unconditional love is. Of course on the flip side of that she is the reason I want to pull my hair out some days. She is the reason I have extra gray hairs coming in. She is the reason I feel like I am on a constant roller coaster and I am not sure when I will get off but most days I don't want to anyways so it doesn't matter.
They say having a baby changes everything and until the day you bring your baby home you don't understand that. I though I did but I was so wrong. It changes how fast you eat dinner, how fast you go to the little girls room, how you feel about your hubby, how you feel about your pets and so many other things. It changes the smallest things too like how deeply you sleep (or don't). It changes your priorities and your thought process. It changes, well, EVERYTHING.
You love stronger and you laugh louder. There is nothing greater than being a Mommy!!! So every day I thank God that he made that possible. I thank my hubby for bearing with me through the ups and downs. The learning curve for a new Mommy is sometimes wide. I thank my friends (blog and IRL) for listening to me go on and on about my pride and joy! If you want to tell me what changed most for you after becoming a Mommy leave me a comment. I would love to know. Oh and any second time Moms I am curious does it change even more after number 2?!?

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