Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving recap!

Goodness I have missed you guys! Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? We did, it was crazy busy but lots of fun. We went to my family get together at 1. It was wonderful seeing Aunts and cousins and my Grandma. Anna wasn't very sure about all of the commotion. She really doesn't like chaos. She thoroughly enjoyed riding in my aunts convertible around the house. I don't know which she liked more - riding in the front seat or having the top off. We ate tons of food. Then we left there and went to my in-laws where Anna crashed for a nap. When she woke up we ate AGAIN. I think I gained 10 pounds in just that one day! It was all so yummy.

After letting our dinner settle a little we got a wild hair and decided to go check out walmarts sales. We spent about an hour in there roaming around. Looking at all of the stuff that would be on sale Friday. Anna spent a good 20 minutes looking at all of the blow up Christmas stuff. We didn't make it to bed until almost 11 so getting up early for Black Friday didn't happen. We got up around 7:30 and made it to Target by 8 where my sis-in-law found what she was hoping to get my in-laws. I was honestly surprised they still had some left but hey whatever works lol. I also picked up a few cheap movies for Anna. The Polar Express that we will enjoy now and the REAL Annie for her stocking! Walmart turned into a bust because the sheets we were looking for never appeared and the jacked I was going to get Anna wasn't actually on sale ugh!

We went and had breakfast after shopping then headed out to my in-laws. Anna got in a quick nap and we headed out to a tree farm to get them trees. That was a blast. We got to see reindeers and goats and birds. We got to ride in the back of the truck and we got to run around the trees. It was so much fun. That night we decorated sis-in-laws and Saturday we decorated the in-laws. Memories!!!


  1. I'm glad y'all had a great Thanksgiving. We had a pretty good one too, except me and the little one had a cold.

  2. Ours was alot of fun. We had guests over so it was a blessing to share our meal with good friends.


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