Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

Toys are overrated. At least that is the way Anna acts. We have a house full of toys and 3 toys have kept her attention.

She got this little 4 wheeler for her first birthday. She didn't really get interested in it until she was about18 months old but she still loves it! I think they cost around $60 and you can get them at walmart. They even have a princess one now!

She got this kitchen set when she was about 16 months. She loved it instantly and still loves to play with it at 3. We have it in the corner of my kitchen and she cooks when I cook. It was $20 from Dollar General. I would love to have gotten her a more elaborate set but she doesn't really know the difference and is very happy with it.

She got her rocky horse last year so she was a 28 months or so. She loves it and as you can see it is great to play with friends on lol. She use to play on her friends horse when she was a little over a year and is still very happy to have her horse now. This one came from Home Depot and I can't remember how much it was but I think somewhere around $60.

There are a few others that work for her as well but those are the major ones. She loves all of her babies and books. She still messes with one of her push toys she got for her first birthday. She loves to color and do play dough. I think the important thing to remember when buying a gift for a little one is to remember:
  1. Do you have have a place to put it?
  2. Will it inspire creativity or laughter?
  3. Would you want to play with it? (Cause we all now we end up playing too!)

For more gift ideas go HERE!

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  1. Those are great gifts! By her the cheap stuff while she doesn't know the difference bc one day, she will know the difference. She'll be a teenager and pitch a fit about not having the high end stuff bc the other kids make fun of her. Ahhh, the fun of life lessons where you learn to tell the kids who have cool stuff to grow up and get over it. Anyway, rambling... she's cute!


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