Monday, November 03, 2008

Menu Monday

Tonight is our friend Jason's last night with us. He is going home to his family. We are glad they will be reunited but we are going to miss him terribly. So in his honor we are having speghetti with freshly grated cheese on the side and some garlic toast and if I can manage I might even do him some brownies.
Tuesday - breakfast night! We will have bacon, homemade biscuits, grits and eggs
Wednesday - I will bake a chicken. After church we will either have the chicken in sandwiches or something.
Thursday - chili
Friday - hot dogs and home made fries
Saturday - I am hoping for pizza! $5 from Little Ceasars yummm
Sunday - left overs!
I got a huge compliment at the grocery store! I checked out and I had a good amount of food for $40.00. I was excited I pulled it off and cashier said wow you are a great shopper. Not many people can come in and spend $40 and walk out with this amount of groceries. I did save almost $10 by using my MVP card!
Anyway, for more great menu ideas go HERE!

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