Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Baking from scratch!

I have really gotten into baking. I have this awesome cookie recipe that I turned into a cookie cake to take to say farewell to our friend Jason at church. For the first time ever I used icing to write something. I think I did ok for a first time and it tasted fabulous. I got the biggest compliment of all by not having to bring any home.
Last night we had him over since he was leaving early this morning and we had speghetti and I tried my hand at homemade brownies. He loves brownies and I forgot this at the store and thought well I will just try it by scratch. They turned out yummy! I don't think I cooked them long enough because they were a little gooey but the recipe said numerous times DON'T OVER COOK! So I got paranoid lol. They were very good though goo and all. I think I might start a recipe blog since I seem to be putting a lot out there right now so look for a link soon.

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