Thursday, March 05, 2009


My life is full of changes right now. Maybe that is why I haven't been blogging. I am trying to wrap my brain around everything going on. In a nut shell here is what is going on in my world!

  • Chris started a new job! After 11 years at the same place he is branching out with a wonderful opportunity!
  • I am trying to get things together to enroll Anna in preschool (shudder)
  • I have several friends that just had babies! Yeah I know that shouldn't effect me but ya know lol.
  • I was possibly going to keep a 1 year old during the day but that didn't work out.
  • Chris's Daddy was having heart issues. It was a scary time but all is well. He had a heart cath done and although there was 20 - 30% blockage they didn't think it was bad enough to warrant even a stint so that is great news.
  • I am doing more stuff for the church. I am working on their website just making some adjustments etc. and I started a Facebook profile and group for them.
  • I try to go up there at least once a week during the day just because it is a blessing to hang out with everyone up there. I always feel a little happier and connected after I leave.
  • Chris and I are going to move (I think) so that he can be closer to work. Which means I have a ton of stuff to do around the house, inside and out. With the weather so warm I just want to be outside!

Ok so when you list it out here like that it doesn't look like so much lol. I wonder why I feel like my life has been moving in the fast lane.

Anna is doing great. She is starting to grasp her ABC's. She can point out several of the letters etc. Her counting is still crazy but she can count 3 items. She knows her colors when she wants to and if she doesn't forget about it! She loves to be outside. She would spend all of her time out there if she could. We have been doing yard work and she gets excited when I mention it to her. She also loves to help clean the house. I will have to put her to work later cause the house definitely needs cleaning. She is a little jealous of her friends all having babies but she is taking it in stride. She is also taking in stride that her Daddy is starting a new job and we won't be going back to the old office. She goes back and forth about school. One day she is excited and the next she wants to know why I can't go with her.

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