Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What is in your TRUNK!

Yesterday I cleaned my car out! By cleaning out I mean EVERYTHING came out!!! I haven't done this since before Anna. I mean I have occasionally done a quick clean up if someone were going to ride with me whatever but that usually meant whatever was in the front of the car landed in the trunk! I decided that it was time for a complete clean yesterday so we spent the morning cleaning the inside. Taking out trash, cups and toys etc. Then cleaning the dash and stuff. We worked for a good hour and a half on it. Took a lunch and nap break and then hit the trunk and washed the outside. The trunk was full of stuff. I thought I would share with you a few things that I found in there and see what you think that says about me lol.

  1. water wings from last summer!
  2. a single shoe thats mate went flying out the window (last summer) it was Anna's favorite shoe!
  3. About 4 pairs of MY shoes and 2 pairs of Anna's and 2 pairs of Chris's!
  4. 5 purses
  5. 3 of Anna's coats and 1 of mine
  6. Anna's 2 Bibles
  7. Some of Anna's papers from Sunday School
  8. cups and a few other dishes
  9. A few of Anna's babies
  10. Christmas cookie cutters lol

So isn't that just terrible! Of course I left out that Anna's bike was in there and Chris's things from where he cleaned out his old office. Going to the grocery store and not having a place to put the groceries is what prompted this cleaning. It looks so good now that Chris accused me of taking it somewhere to have it detailed! Yes I am THAT good! (When I want to be!!!)

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